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With so many loan officers vying for a piece of the real estate agent pie, give more than donuts, coffee and rate sheets to your real estate partners.


Real estate financing is a field that is defined by you as the mortgage professional, as well as your real estate agent referral partners. It’s all about the individuality and making yourself both relevant and an important resource to your client base and the community as a whole.

A home buyer can now do his initial research seated in front of a computer terminal. The traditional approach of contacting an agent and having the agent arrange for home viewings that may or may not suit the client is no longer the first step. Today, the home buyer can select a range of houses suitable for viewing on the internet and then have a real estate agent arrange the home visits.

This new reality means that the agent is no longer the client’s first contact. For that reason, it is critical that active agents establish an internet presence. If a customer is clicking through homes and finds one of interest, it is important that the listing agent be “clickable” on the same page. Otherwise, the customer may call his friend, the real estate agent or mortgage professional from down the street and ask them to step in and assist.

Features and Benefits

  • MLS Compliant and Branded Virtual Tours
  • Several Forms of Lead Capture, including QR codes, Squeeze Pages, Call and Text Capture
  • Completely Customization Available
  • Integrated Property Listings and Websites
  • Create Saved Searches
  • Local Blogging for More Leads
  • Capture all PreQuals
  • Showcase Listing Presentations and Sold Listings
  • Document Locker with Lead Capture Password Protection
  • Co-Branded with Your Logo

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